3 Potential Wildlife Animals That Dig Up Your Lawn

Unwanted wildlife invasions are responsible for causing clutter and nuisance inside a property. After winters or spring is the time when more and more animals and pests are attracted towards a yard. The reason behind this is seasonal clutter, fallen leaves, ripened fruits and spring flowers that are scattered all over. Most possibly, one can notice small to large holes in the ground that are likely caused by pets or wildlife animals. If your dog didn’t dig up your lawn, then wildlife creatures are to be blamed.


Some of the nuisance animals that can cause clutter and holes inside a yard are:

  1. Skunks: Skunks are small but great nuisance creators that usually dig up yards to find earthworms and insects, along with other food sources. To make sure that your home is invaded by these notorious creatures, look at the hole you got. If its shallow with loose soil scattered around, then skunk is to be blamed. It presses its nose into the soil and makes use of front claws to dig.
  2. Raccoons: Raccoons are dangerous animals that if irritated can attack humans. They are responsible for causing digs inside a garden or lawn. Though they are also in search of food, they create a hole in a different manner compared to skunks. Raccoons utilize their front paws to pull the sod grass and then flips to create a deep hole. In case, both raccoon and skunk confront each other while searching for food, the latter can ward off all other creatures by spraying a skunk spray.
  3. Moles: Moles are very small mammals that feed on tiny insects, earthworms, grubs, and other arthropods that live in the soil. They create holes in a yard by digging up the soil in form of long tunnels. After getting inside the tunnel, they push up the soil to remove any visible marks of a hole.

TThese are the common wildlife creatures that can create mess inside a yard. If you notice an animal digging up the ground, don’t deter him away as it may attack, bite, scratch or spray you. Call in wildlife control professionals at Hamilton Wildlife for effective animal control and removal service.