Opossum removal services help in preventing an Opossum outbreak near your home. They look like a big rat in appearance but actually they are related to Kangroos. The opossum has been on planet Earth for 60 million years. They’ve been there when dinosaurs ruled this planet. They have been able to thrive since then due to their ability to gobble up almost anything.

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Damage Caused by Opossums

Once inside the house, opossums can:

  1. Tear through air ducts present inside your house
  2. Leave bio-hazardous poop everywhere
  3. Damage pipes and wiring running through the house
  4. Die soon due to their short life span leaving a smell

Why Opossums are a Concern?

Being nocturnal feeders, opossums come out in the night to lay their hands on almost anything that looks edible. A female opossum takes approximately 13 days to give birth to a dozen little ones which are the size of a honeybee when born. Nurturing a dozen or less baby opossums, getting their food etc. in your house is a big concern in itself.

Since they have a small life span therefore it is possible for them to die soon leaving an intolerable smell for the occupants of the house or the building.

Health Alarms from Opossums

The body temperature of opossums is unusually low, due to which they are able to inhibit common zoonosis disease carrying microbes.

Opossums also carry a relatively large population of fleas on their body which is also the reason attributed sometimes for their early death.

Opossums present in the attic can deposit a large amount of poop droppings in a very little time frame which contains various germs.

Medical researchers have also concluded that opossums play a big role in spreading infections like plague, salmonella, leptospirosis etc.

Our Strategy to Deal With Them

At Hamilton Wildlife, our team adopts the strategy given below to deal with opossums:

  • We inspect the entry point used by opossums. Generally, opossums don’t create their entry point. They simply enter through holes/vents present in the house.
  • Locate the presence of any bio-hazards like their poop droppings or urine. Presence of such things helps us to deal with them and find them much more easily.
  • Our best-in-class products ensure us to find that the animal and its young ones. We make sure they are not harmed while the process of their removal is carried out.
  • Next, we repair any minor damage that might have been caused due to the opossum and its family. All entry points are sealed and chances of re-entry are reduced to nil.

Our company, Hamilton Wildlife, has been providing expert wildlife removal services to people of Hamilton as well as other major Canadian cities since a long time. Our trained professionals make sure you get rid of the uninvited guest present in your house.

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