Every year Canadians suffer damages worth millions of dollars because of rats which include contamination of edible items, diseases, structural damages and much more. Rats have been troubling homeowners since centuries due to their continual gnawing activities and their ability to spread diseases.

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Damage Caused by Rats

Once in the house/building, rats can incur damages by:

  1. Contaminating or eating food items/materials
  2. Chewing or shredding electrical wires or clothes
  3. Damaging manufactured items in warehouses
  4. Leaving their bio-hazardous poop everywhere

Why Rats are a Concern?

Rat Removal

Rats have always been a concern for mankind. Their continuous gnawing incurs losses worth billions of dollars around the world. Apart from this, rats are also attributed with a number of diseases. The ill famed plague disease that took millions of lives in India and some parts of Europe was able to spread like a wild fire just because of these rats.

Although plague has been successfully eradicated from the world, rats continue to spread their disastrous effects on the human populations in one form or another.

Health Alarms from Rats

  1. A medical study done on rats confirms that there are at least 30 different type of infections and diseases which can be associated to rats and their droppings.
  2. Rat bite fever caused by the bite of a rat is also reported commonly by people. Rats might get aggressive if you try to deal with them because of which they might bite.
  3. The Rickettsia Virus caused by rats has symptoms that are quite similar to chicken pox. Rat droppings in houses and buildings can cause Salmonellosis or Leptospirosis.
  4. Eosinophilic Meningitis, a serious infection of the brain, is caused due to rat lung worm. Every year hundreds of people report this deadly condition around the world.

How Hamilton Wildlife Handles a Rat Menace

Being equipped with the most advanced rat removal products, our professionals can effectively handle any rat infestation. They follow the given course of action:

  • The entry points of rats are identified so that they can be sealed to block the exit or entry of rats in the house/building.

Hamilton Wildlife has been catering to the needs of Canadian households since a long time with their effective animal removal strategies and products. Our team is equipped with the latest tools to handle the most stubborn uninvited guests residing in your house or building.

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