Hamilton Wildlife offers superior mice control services at affordable prices. Mice have been breeding on planet Earth since pre-historic times. They can survive in the harshest climates with a lot of ease. This is also one of the reasons why medical researchers prefer to carry out their experiments on them. But for home and business owners, mice are nothing less than an annoyance.

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Damage Caused by Mice

Mice can lead to various damages in houses or workplaces by:

  1. Chewing electrical wirings making them useless
  2. Scratching the walls of weakening their integrity
  3. Eating and contaminating food items and products
  4. Gnawing various essential utilities in warehouses

Why Mice are a Concern?

Mice are a concern for their continuous gnawing activities just like rats. Their habit of chewing and shredding things costs the Canadian economy millions of dollars every year. They rip up things that come on their way and shred them to pieces which become ultimately useless. However, the biggest apprehension that surrounds mice is their relation to a myriad number of diseases.

For centuries, mice have been regarded as carriers of the worst zoonotic infections and diseases primarily due to the places they live or breed in. They also support myriad number of parasites and pests which ultimately bring a long list of deadly infections wherever they go.

Health Alarms from Mice

  1. A single mouse can carry more than 200 diseases. These diseases if transmitted can result in drastic health conditions for the victim. The victim could be a human or pet.
  2. Hantavirus is one of the many diseases that mice carry which spreads due to mouse droppings. The particles of this virus if inhaled can lead to respiratory illness.
  3. Salmonella is another disease that is commonly transmitted by mice to people. It is transferred if people eat food that’s been contaminated with the feces of the mice.
  4. Mice also bring in various pests and parasites with them like ticks, fleas, mites etc. to the house or workplace. These pests can then easily infest and infect that place.

How we Tackle Mice Problems?

Mice should never be dealt without professional assistance as doing so might be a risky task. Lack of extermination equipment can easily get you infected. Our team knows best as how these little yet troublesome rodents should be dealt with. We accomplish that in stages which are:

  1. Identifying the possible points of access that the mice might be using to invade your property or workplace.
  2. Once entry/exit points are known, they are then sealed off to block the way out for the mice that are present.
  3. Our team then sets up the most advanced and effective mouse traps at all the possible hideouts with bait.
  4. After capturing the mice and confirming that no mouse is left alive, our team then handles some minor repairs.

Hamilton Wildlife is famous for their reliable professionals and dynamic animal removal equipments and services. Our wildlife management services promise to yield results in the least time frame.

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