Avail our superior bird removal services which are humane and effective. Birds are an important part of our system and sit at an equally crucial position in our ecosphere. The make their nests on trees and rarely trouble people living in the city.

Some places have witnessed massive industrialisation and urbanisation due to which life has become difficult for birds. They, therefore, tend to move into houses or commercial buildings ultimately becoming a big nuisance.

Birds Removal

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Damages Because of Bird Infestation

Birds cause the following damages to the places they infest:

  1. They bring in diseases wherever they go
  2. Their excretions have an intolerable smell
  3. They weaken the structural integrity of the place
  4. Their noises may disturb your peaceful living

Why Birds are a Concern?

Of all birds, pigeons create the greatest amount of havoc for homeowners or for occupants of a building. While roosting in an area, they leave ample amount of feathers and nesting material along with a huge quantity of poop. Pigeon poop is smelly, caustic in nature and can have harsh effects on stone, metal or wood.

Apart from this, pigeons also bring in fleas, mites and other household infectious pests. Other birds like woodpecker damage wooden houses by continuous pecking, Canada Geese form large flocks destroying turf and leaving big sized droppings.

Health Alarms from Birds

  1. Bird droppings like that of a pigeon are nitrogen rich due to which they can support fungal spores on them. These spores demean the look of the house and give rise to small vegetation.
  2. Breathing through these fungal spores can cause human lung ailments like Histoplasmosis. Hence, bird droppings must be removed frequently from the house.
  3. Birds also carry various household pests like fleas, mites etc. which then infest the place and spread serious diseases including Salmonellosis and Leptospirosis etc.
  4. Birds like the Woodpecker or Canada Geese roam freely in parks and business places. They can get aggressive if they are manhandled resulting in attacks or bites.

How We Deal with Birds?

Unlike other amateur companies, we, at Hamilton Wildlife, know that trapping and relocating birds does not do any good. They have an excellent homing instinct and will return to their nests even if they are sent hundreds of miles away in any direction.

Hence, the best way to avoid them is make the place unsuitable for their landing or roosting. Our team follows the given procedures while tackling with birds:

  1. Identify all the entry/exit points or places where birds prefer roosting, nesting or laying eggs.

We, at Hamilton Wildlife, have been serving Canadian households and business owners since a long time with our expert wildlife removal services.

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