St. Catharines, also known as ‘The Garden City’, lies along the Niagara River. You can find 1000 acres of gardens and parks here. These gardens are exceptionally beautiful attracting many people as well as the wild animals and birds towards them. This is the reason why we, Hamilton Wildlife, is being called up by people so often for wildlife removal services.

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St. Catharines Animal Control

Who are We?

Hamilton Wildlife renders wild animal removal and control services around St. Catharines. We deal in quality and effective pest control services. Our expertise includes:

  • We implement the most advanced equipments and products helping us completing our animal removal jobs in no time.
  • Residents of St. Catharines can avail our services any hour of the day as we are available 24/7 – midnight or midday.
  • We truly believe in undertaking those products and equipments into our jobs that are absolutely environment friendly.
  • Our experienced professionals can effectively undertake easy to difficult wild animal removal tasks.

Our Comprehensive Wildlife Removal Services

Hamilton Wildlife take pride in calling itself one of the leading wildlife removal service providers. Our services include:

  • Birds Removal – Pigeons, woodpecker, Canada goose and Muscovy duck are some some of the common birds and ducks found across St. Catharines. Its not feasible to trap and relocate these birds and ducks. Our professionals will exclude them from your property by preventing their entry to your premises or placing some scary statues.
  • Moles Removal – Moles live underground and dig tunnels in the yards or gardens. They feed on earthworms and other underground insects. Our professionals have numerous methods to exclude them from your property that include: spear traps, scissor traps, paper clip traps and so on.
  • Opossum Removal – Opossums look like big rats but are related to kangaroo family.They can spread infectious diseases such as plague, leptospirosis and salmonella. Our professionals adopt physical trapping and removal method to exclude them from your property.
  • Bats Extermination – Bats generally form colonies in the attics and chimneys. Our professionals will: inspect the building, identify the bat species, exclude them, seal off the place to prevent their entry and finally clean the place where bats lived and defecated.

Other Services of Hamilton Wildlife in St. Catharines

Hamilton Wildlife can also assist you in excluding other wild animals from your premises. We also render the following services in St. Catharines:

  • Skunk Removal
  • Chipmunks Removal
  • Porcupine Removal
  • Mice Removal

We, at Hamilton Wildlife, strive hard to deliver high level wildlife removal and control services in St. Catharines.

Our advanced techniques and equipments help us offering you instant and effective relief from dangerous widlife.