Chipmunks, unlike rats and mice, aren’t really a big nuisance for your home. They don’t chew clothes or wires and lack any deadly infections too. However, they are a big worry if you have plush lawns or a vegetable garden. Chipmunks like to dig the ground to find insects, nuts, berries etc. Their burrowing habits become intense as the year approaches a close in the winter because they need to fill up their food stash to hibernate.

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Damage Caused by Chipmunks

Once in your premises, chipmunks can incur damage to your property by:

  1. Making their nest/home inside your home
  2. Digging your lawns in search of insects
  3. Eating vegetables or fruits that you’ve planted
  4. Ripping up your flower beds and your garden

Why Chipmunks are a Concern?

Chipmunks belong to the family of squirrels and are really adorable creatures, unless they invade your lawn! Quite often, chipmunks can set up their nests inside a warm place in your house so that when they hibernate, they get ample warmth. The food that they stack up for winters includes half eaten insects, plants, nuts etc. which contaminate over time and create a foul smell. The biggest concern with chipmunks comes from your garden and lawns where they are busy digging finding insects, seeds and any other suitable edible item. Their speed is fast and hence they can destroy your entire house garden and lawn in a time much less than you expect.

Health Alarms from Chipmunks

  1. Since chipmunks fall under the category of normal rodents, hence they can carry various rodent diseases which are common in other species of their type and kind.
  2. They can carry diseases like rabies which might spread to you or your pet animal if either one gets bitten from a chipmunk. However, such cases are extremely rare.
  3. Medical researchers have also attributed chipmunks to plague in some parts of the world. This disease is infamous for wiping out entire villages in the 20th century.
  4. Chipmunks also harbour parasites like fleas, ticks and mites which can easily infest your place bringing myriad infections once a chipmunk invades your premises.

How Hamilton Wildlife Deals with Chipmunks?

Our technical team has a good amount of experience in handling situations that concern wildlife in households or business premises. For chipmunks, our experts:

  1. Search for the various points of entry and exit that the chipmunks might be using to gain access in your house or yard.
  2. Once identified, these points of entry are then sealed to prevent any other animal or rodent from entering your property.
  3. With their latest equipments, our professionals then search for the nests/dens of chipmunks to remove them from there.

We, at Hamilton Wildlife, have a rich experience of how wildlife removal is done professionally. This is the reason why we are the most sought company for wildlife removal jobs in Canada.

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