Hamilton Wildlife specializes in squirrel control services across Hamilton along with a host of wildlife control solutions. Squirrels are generally harmless when they are living in trees or going about their business. But, once they invade your home/business, they can get destructive and also pose many serious health hazards. They are mainly active in morning and evening while collecting food. They can quickly establish home territories in city areas and create lots of nuisance.

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Squirrels can lead to numerous damages in homes and businesses including:

  1. Create nest in attics, insulation and other materials
  2. Chewing wires, ducts & pipes
  3. Nest debris in attics
  4. Squirrel droppings leads to various health hazards
  5. Carry parasites such as fleas, ticks etc.
  6. Damage the lawn and vegetable garden


Squirrels are a major concern as they gnaw on boards and electrical wires leaving them useless. They usually build their nests near vents or loose trim boards. If you hear some scampering sound in the attic, there are chances that squirrels have invaded your place. They make persistent scratching noise that can be bothersome for people.


  1. Squirrel droppings can transmit serious disease/illnesses. They can create a lot of chaos for you and your family.
  2. Squirrels are carriers of some deadly diseases such as leptospirosis and salmonella. They are transmitted if people eat food contaminated with squirrel feces.
  3. Squirrels also carry numerous external parasites that can cause infections in people. They are responsible for spreading diseases such as Lyme disease.
  4. Squirrels are mammals and they can also cause rabies. Though, there is no documented case of people getting rabies from a squirrel but still it’s medically possible.


  • Identifying the points from where squirrels are gaining entry into your home.
  • Once the entry points are identified, they are then properly blocked to resist their entry.
  • Our experts will then set up effective and state-of-the-art traps with baits to catch squirrels from all the possible hideouts.
  • After trapping all the squirrels and assuring that your home is squirrel-free, our team will relocate them 10 to 15 miles away from your home.

Hamilton Wildlife is a renowned wildlife control service provider across Hamilton. We provide professional and reliable solutions to remove dangerous animals from your premises humanely.

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