How Birds Can Be Dangerous To Humans?

Birds Can Be Dangerous To Humans

You may surprise to know that birds can spread approx 60 kinds of diseases to humans. This is the main reason why people are advised to make a distance from them. The birds are more than just avian flu. There is a range of factors in birds that contribute to spreading diseases. Below you learn how they can be dangerous to humans, take a look:


  • Bird Feces
    Birds feces, especially from pigeons, starlings, gulls and house sparrows, are main to spread the diseases. When the bird infestation grows, their wastes result in delivering respiratory diseases.
  • Bird Feathers
    The bird’s feather, particularly from an urban environment, can host the diseases like bacteria, parasites and viruses. Primarily, it could be the feathers from dead bird cause diseases.
  • Birds Nest
    Birds nest might be the perfect place for breeding of some species of fungi that can spread via debris. Moreover, the birds’ nest can be a home for insects that are also harmful to human.

How Bird Deliver Diseases

  • Food: Consuming food products contaminated with fungi, viruses, and bacteria by birds.
  • Drinking: Similar to eating, you may also drink contaminated water that leads to infection.
  • Inhaling: The heap of birds dry dropping when disturbed, it can spread in the air and effect when you breathe.
  • Touching: Dead birds cause harmful bacteria.

Tips To Prevent Bird Diseases

  • Remove Access To Nesting Sites: Window sills eaves, ledges and holes on a roof are the locations, where birds often make their nests. So, you should find these areas and remove nests.
  • Hide The Food Sources: Keep the food sources hidden and make sure the container should be tight.
  • Clean Up Debris: The areas littered with twigs paper, grass and plant debris provide birds with a supply of material to build their nests. Keep the outside of your property clean to keep the birds away.

In a nutshell, it is necessary to keep the birds away, so follow the required measures to remove them or contact professional birds controller at Hamilton Wildlife. We provide effective and safe birds removal services to our residential and commercial clients.