Skunks are both – a blessing and a curse for humans. They are mostly carnivorous in nature and feed on rodents and insects that are otherwise harmful for humans like shrews, moles, rat, mice etc. They keep the insect population low which ultimately means less diseases and infections.

They incur damage to the property and sometimes to domestic animals as well. They eat garden vegetables and damage lawns while searching for insects.

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Damage Caused by Skunks

Skunks can cause the following damages to the property:

  1. Damage lawns by digging furrows to find insects
  2. They uproot flowers and plant beds for their food
  3. They can also feed on poultry and their eggs if needed
  4. Spraying their intolerable characteristic odour

Why Skunks are a Concern?

Professional Skunk Removal Services

The biggest reason for skunk being a concern is due to their extremely bad odour. Skunks can visit human dwellings frequently because here they find a great blend of diet. The presence of garden plants along with whole lot of insects to feed upon attracts skunks to houses. They generally live under decks, porches and sheds and leave their characteristic smell on these areas as a marking.

Skunks spray their oil based foul odour whenever they sense danger. If humans and pets stumble upon a skunk accidentally then there is considerable chance of getting sprayed.

Health Alarms from Skunks

  1. Skunks are also known to be carrier of rabies. Infected skunks might bite, infect and spray on you or your pet altogether creating a mini havoc for you and your family.
  2. Skunk sprayings can cause temporary allergy on body parts like hands and legs. However, if you get sprayed in the eyes, then it’s best to see a physician.
  3. Skunks also play a host to various microbal pests and insects which can easily infest the house upon the arrival of the skunk at your place which is a burden in itself.
  4. The various pests that skunk brings with itself are extremely infectious for humans. Diseases like Salmonella etc. can easily spread if you have a skunk in your property.

How we Deal With Skunks

Our professional team deals with skunks by adhering to the given steps:

  • The entry/exit points are identified first which help to locate the possible hideouts of the skunk inside and around the property.
  • Next, a cage with bait inside is set up around those places where the skunk might be hiding so as to catch it alive.
  • After catching the skunk, it is taken far away from the property and released into the wild without bringing any harm to it.
  • Any kind of structural damage that is incurred by the skunk is then handled by our professionals to seal the entry points.

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