5 Effective Tips To Remove Raccoon From Your Property By Experts

5 Effective Tips To Remove Raccoon From Your Property By Experts
Raccoons are one of those wild animals which you would never want to have in your home. This is very natural as they pose a great risk to your property and also carry a lot of diseases which can make you or any of your family member ill.

Removing them is not a child’s play and should be done in the most appropriate way. Trying to capture raccoon with a wrong approach may result in more loss to the property and in getting yourself injured too. So, relax as we present you step by step guidance to remove raccoon from your property.

5 Tips To Get Rid of Raccoon

    1. Get Rid of Any External Food or Water If you are having any food item or water in any part of your external property, you would be inviting raccoons for sure. They are always in search of food and water and will never leave a place where they get them easily.So, try to remove every such thing including trash, fallen berries or fruits from the tress, leftover food/drinks. Also, don’t keep pet food outside as you have no idea that raccoons might be eying it.
    2. Trace The Locations To get rid of the raccoons, it is important to trace their locations first. They would be living near the areas which have got damaged as a result of their presence.Another way to trace them is by observing their common habits of invading the attic, eating crops, stealing fish from the pond, attacking bird fee, hiding beneath the porch etc. All these things will give you an idea of their current location and prepare a strategy accordingly.
    3. Choose a Trap Method After getting the above information, your next step is to choose a method to trap the raccoons. It is important to realize that raccoons can injure you in self defense and one should prepare for one’s safety in the first place.
    4. Raccoon Trap One of the best method to trap a raccoon is by using a live trap. Get a large trap installed to catch the raccoon and make sure to wear gloves and cover yourself in the process. Bait the trap to invite the raccoon inside and get caught. Once the raccoon gets inside the trap, safely remove it from your property.
    5. Raccoon Repellents Another way to get rid of the raccoons is by using raccoon repellents available in the market. You can sprinkle them to create a barrier for the raccoons to enter your property or touch your valuables. Also, sprinkle the repellents against anything that contains food or water like trash cans, bird feeders, tress etc.


Need Some Professional Help?

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