5 Proven Ways To Control Skunks In Your Yard

Skunks are little, cute but nuisance animals that create clutter inside a yard. While the domestic skunks can turn out to be great pets, wild skunks are quite problematic. They can be blamed for digging shallow holes in the garden that are usually done to find insects and bugs. They feed on ripe fruits, garbage, insects and a lot more similar things.

Since skunks cause excessive damage inside a property, its ideal to get them removed by a wildlife control company. Once you are sure that your home has been invaded by skunks, focus on controlling its population with various skunk control methods.


Some of the easy, yet proven methods to control skunks are:

  1. Add Light: Lights are a source that can deter away these wildlife creatures. As skunks are nocturnal, they usually come out to hunt during the night hours. They can detect the light from a far off distance and prefer to stay away from the light hit locations. If there is a skunk living under your deck, prefer installing a lamp post over there. Clear away all the dark locations to keep these smell emitting creatures away.
  2. Seal Holes: In order to get rid of skunk habitat in the house, yard or under the deck is not an easy-to-do task. Since these animals live on ground, they can adjust themselves to any surface. If there are open spaces in your property, seal them all using fence or a solid metal flash wire. Try to cover the existing holes with a screening shield.
  3. Remove Attractants: There are several things that attract the skunk population towards your place. This includes pet food, garbage, rotten fruits, waste bins and leafy clutter. To prevent wildlife invasion, make sure your home and yard is clean and organized.
  4. Place Sprinkles: Sprinkles are safe products that act as a natural way to keep these smelly mammals away from a property. Buy some motion detecting sprinkles and place them to near to the skunk habitat and locations where you think is adequate for shelter to deter away these unwanted animals.
  5. Use Repellents: If you are looking for an affordable, yet effective way to keeping skunks away, then consider using animal repellents. They are generally made of natural and active ingredients which tend to irritate and repel skunks as soon as they taste, smell or touch them. Choose humane repellents and traps that are not harmful on these little creatures.


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