How To Control Opossum Population In Your Property?

Opossums are nocturnal creatures that are responsible for causing nuisance inside a property. They are tiny pests and resemble the looks of rats. Their sharp edged teeth allow them to tear and grind away the vegetation in a yard and belongings of a family which leads to clutter.

Though these pests have sharp teeth, they not at all harm humans. Opossums are generally active during night and may ruin the sleep of a homeowner by creating screeching noises. Opossum removal is not a do-it-yourself job and should only be carried away by wildlife control experts.


Some humane ways to deal with opossum invasion are:

  • Stay calm: As soon as you notice an opossum crawling over your roof or deck, don’t get frightened or panicked. Opossums are coward pests that can easily run away by seeing a human or pet approaching towards it. Whenever you notice them entering inside your interiors, just usher them away with a broom.
  • Find their habitat: Inspect your entire premise to find out the space where an opossum is residing. The common areas of opossum invasion are under the decks and patios. To make sure these creatures are out there, locate and fill their homes with loose soil. If there will be an opossum residing inside, it will push away the soil to get outside.
  • Fill the Hole: To remove these animals, fill their holes permanently with tight soil and cover them with a heavy equipment. But, do make sure that any of the opossum or its baby is not left behind before destroying their habitat.
  • Fence the yard: Once these animals have left the space, secure and protect your yard to prevent a future invasion. Since opossums doesn’t harm animals, its advised to opt for humane methods for their removal. You can opt for installing fence all around your property to keep these nuisance pests away.

These are some of the humane ways to prevent opossum population inside a property. If you are looking for a professional animal control company to deter away opossums, feel free to contact our wildlife removal experts at Hamilton Wildlife.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]