Effective Tips To Keep Opossum Away from Your Hamilton Home

Opossum Removal

In the darkness, you will see a scavenger foraging your home in search of food. It is an infamous opossum, that may look harmless, but can create tremendous problems and can also wreak havoc on your property. Some of the chaos these animals cause are as follows:

  • Breaking into your fence, deck and just anything in search of food.
  • Creating a lot of mess in the yard from digging through trash cans.
  • Toxic droppings can lead to the development of parasites and contamination of your yard.
  • Eating vegetation in your yard and around your home.

Now, the question is – what you can do to keep opossum away from your home? Our animal control Hamilton experts will suggest a few opossum removal methods you can use to make your property opossum proof.

Install a Fence Around Your Yard

Building a fence around your yard is one of the most effective ways of protecting your property from this nuisance. Make sure you install a fence at least a foot deep as these pests are master in digging holes and crawling underneath a fence.

Cover Your Vents

Opossum can easily infiltrate your home by gaining access through a vent located around your home. It is advised to seal off all your vents with a slotted metal vent cover. These covers will provide you double benefit, firstly they will keep opossum from entering your space and secondly, they allow room for steam and smoke to come out.

Trim Tree Branches

Opossum are expert climbers and they can use the tree branches to reach your roof. Prevent the entry of opossum by trimming tree branches, so that you can keep them at least 10 feet away from the roof.

Place a Barrier Around Your Deck

Opossum likes the space below the deck as it is their prime location to hide and live. It is advised to seal off your opening under your deck as soon as possible.

Regularly Empty Garbage Cans

Opossums are in constant search of food and they can break into your trash to steal a meal. This can create a lot of mess your yard. In order to avoid this from happening, it is best to keep your garbage can covered always and empty it on a regular basis.

Call Our Opossum Control Experts in Hamilton

If you are struggling with an opossum control issue in Hamilton, call our opossum control specialists here at Hamilton Wildlife. We implement the latest and most professional techniques that work to effectively address the opossum problem.