Effective Tips To Remove Rats From Your Property

Rodents are most commonly found pests that usually invade homes and yards for food and shelter. Though they usually don’t bite humans, they are responsible for causing severe diseases, including plague. They are tiny creatures and therefore, can gain entry inside a property through holes and wall damages. Rats are often blamed for creating clutter, damaging belongings and spoiling the stored food grains in a kitchen. To maintain the health and hygiene of a family, its crucial that these pesky pests should be removed as soon as possible. Since they are fast runners, its best to call in pest control professionals for effective rat control.Some of the rat removal tips to try before calling in exterminators are:

  1. Use traps

    Trapping is one of the easiest method to remove rats. To catch these notorious rodents that often climb your bed and curtains, take a trap and place a bread crumb inside it. Now, carefully place that trap inside the kitchen or at some other spot that is most visited by rats. There are various types of pest traps available in the market, but we recommend using the humane one i.e. traditional trap.

  2. Peppermint oil

    A humane method of rat control includes the use of peppermint oil. This oil plays a crucial role in deterring away these rodents away from a property. The reason behind that is the strong fragrance emitted by peppermint essential oil is hated by rats. Spray or pour some drops of peppermint oil on the area of rat infestation or near their entry points and holes. This will compel them to leave the place.

  3. Poison

    This is a dangerous solution for removing rats. Poison is an inhumane practice that actually kill the mice, instead of shooing it away. This technique should not at all be practiced until and unless, the situation becomes disastrous. If you are using poison to kill rats, make sure that it is kept away from the reach of pets and children. Since poison can easily kill rodents, do check the interior of your home carefully to find them dead. Dispose of their bodies carefully, so that some other carnivore animal may not fall ill by eating a poisonous rat.

These are the few ways for rat extermination from a property. To prevent these rodents from entering your home, make sure that you seal away all the wall holes and entry ways. If you are facing severe rat infestation in your property, hire our professional exterminators for effective rat removal.