Hearing Some Strange Noises? Five Creatures That Live In Your Attic

Attics are ideal places for animals to build their houses. Because these are one of that places which are rarely visited. Animals love these places because these are so full of clutter and warm in the winter season. Wildlife animals carries several types of diseases and their presence in the attic or your house is the major cause of infections. Termites in the wood not only cause of wood damage, they can even weaken the structure of your house.

Hearing awkward noises coming from the attic can be a horrible experience. Knowing that there are animals living in the attic or ceiling, is incredibly discomforting. Scratching, bumping and thumping are a clear sign that you have wildlife in your attic. If you hear strange noises, given below are some wildlife invaders that you can find in your attic.


  1. Squirrels: These little creatures may be cute, but these can cause for the same damage that rats do. A small hole is enough to allow a squirrel entry. Squirrels maintain a strict schedule. It means, if you hear a strange noise in the early morning and again in the evening, you are probably dealing with squirrel problem.
  2. Birds: Dropping and a lots of feathers are indications of birds in the attic. Birds usually enter through open windows and architectural gaps. The chirping sound of them, making it easy for you to detect which kind of animal you have in the attic. There is an only one way to eliminate them by opening the windows and using a broom to chase them away.
  3. Rats: Scratching noises coming from the attic late at night is the clear sign of rats. Sometimes you hear the noise during the day. They come to your house for food and water. Mostly they like to build their house in your attic. So you may hear repeated scratching noise in the area. To get rid of rodents, seal off every possible entry point, set a trap or hire a professional.
  4. Raccoons: When you hear a fairly loud noise like a person walking heavily or thumping around upstairs, it might be an indication that you have raccoons living in your attic. Like rodents, raccoons are nocturnal and they activate in the night time.
  5. Opossums: These animals need a large opening point to get in your house. Open ducts and vents are enough for them to get in. If you have open ducts, they will like to make your attic their own home. A horrible smell coming from the attic is the clear sign that there are opossums in your attic.


Animals in the house or in the attic, should be evicted as soon as possible. It may very difficult to trap them or get rid of them. But allowing them to live in your house puts both your health and safety of your home at risk. If you have a doubt that you have animals in the attic, make a call to Hamilton Wildlife.