How To Identify Rat Infestation?

Rat Infestation

Rat or mice commonly wander here and there in search of food, which is the main reason they invade your home. Due to their small size or run fast quality, the rats are difficult to catch.

But, it is necessary to identify the rat infestation so that you can implement the right course of action to get a 100% satisfying result. For this, follow the below discussion:


Signs Of Rat Infestation

  1. Rat Dropping
    Rat poops are up to 12mm long and tapered at both ends. The rats can produce approximately 40 to 50 pellets per night. The size of their feces also helps to determine the size of the rat.
  2. Rub Marks
    When the rat travel in or around your home, they leave greasy fur marks behind them. These signs can be easily seen on dirty surfaces.
  3. Scratching Noise
    Most of the time, the rats become active in the night and make a noise like:

    • Chattering when the rat grinds their teeth.
    • Squeaking and hissing when they feel fear or pain.
  4. Holes
    Rats are capable of chewing wood and concrete, which enables them to burrow everywhere. With this beautiful digging quality, they create a sophisticated tunnel for their food storage, nesting and shelter.
  5. Chewed Surfaces
    Rats can gnaw through hard surfaces when they search for food sources. Their habit of gnawing keep their teeth sharp and at a manageable length.

Rat nests and their footprints are another reason to confirm that you have a rat infestation. To get rid of the problem, you can visit us at Hamilton Wildlife. We provide a safe and durable solution for rat infestation to our residential and commercial clients.