How To Protect Your Home From Wildlife

Animals are always in search of food and shelter. And, residential areas are the best source of both of these things. Wildlife animals cause a nuisance and can also wreak havoc on your property. According to animal control Hamilton experts, there are different types of wildlife animals, each with different behavior and habits. Thus, it is important to have some knowledge about them so the right plan of action can be executed.


Know Your Pest

  • Birds – Birds prefer to live in the attic and can cause damage to your property. Their droppings carry various bacteria, virus and parasites that are harmful to humans.
  • Raccoon – Raccoons always look for empty space and food. Raccoons carry diseases that can be spread to people and pets. They can also bite or scratch.
  • Mice/Rats – Mice and rats prefer warm and dark places to hide. They get attracted by the smell of the food. They can gain access to your home even through a tiny hole.
  • Skunk – Skunks become a great nuisance when they enter the residential areas. They burrow under the porches or buildings and gain entry from foundation openings.
  • Squirrels – Squirrels may appear cute and adorable, but in reality they can damage your property badly. They can gnaw on electrical wires, insulation and other items to gain entry or for nest building.
  • Opossums – Though opossums prefer to live near streams or swamps, they are also found in attics and garages. They can damage your property with their messy nests.
  • Chipmunks – Chipmunk infestation can be difficult to remove. They can burrow holes, dig flowers and create havoc in the landscape.

Helpful Tips To Protect Your Home From Wildlife

It is not so difficult to keep animals out of your home, if you follow a few simple, but effective tips:

  • Stash Your Trash – Animals are always attracted towards food. So, make sure you store garbage in tight containers so that animals cannot reach them.
  • Don’t Keep Pets Food Outside – Keep pet food inside your home and always keep the bowl clean.
  • Keep Attic Space Dry – Some animals look for areas of moisture and your attic is an ideal place where they can thrive. So, it is advised to keep the attic space clean and dry.
  • Seal Entrance Ways – Properly seal all the cracks as small pests can easily gain entry to your home through these holes.

Keep a few points to protect your home and family from wildlife animals. In case, you find any animal around your home, you can contact Hamilton Wildlife for professional assistance. We have all the latest techniques and tools required to eliminate these unwanted guests in a timely and safe manner.