Spring Arrives and So Does the Pests – Know How Pests Attack with Seasonal Change

Hamilton Wildlife Removal Services

Spring is here and so are the wild animals around under or in your home! Raccoons can be the most destructive as they have the size and strength to do more damage to gain entry into your attic. Its best to get them out asap or your costs will go up as they will sooner than later have their babies in your attic and that’s a whole other matter. You should always ask your wildlife technician to inspect both your roof and the attic as you really should know the situation your in. Raccoons will often just break into similar entry points once you’ve excluded them from the home that’s why preventative work should always be considered when wildlife work is being done. Its better to do it all at once and hopefully never again. Squirrels can gain access through smaller entry points usually causing less damage than raccoons but still not a good thing having a family of squirrels owning your house as we say in the industry. Repairs and exclusion work will always save you more money over the long run. Often times these animals will try or will gain access to other areas of the house in search of food. We hear all the time of raccoons lifting prying at attic doors and getting into closets and bedrooms. Skunk will usually dig themselves under porches or houses with crawl spaces they will need to be trapped and excluded from the home with mesh trenched in. Wildlife problems in the home are best dealt with sooner than later as these wild animals will begin to grow in numbers if settled. Call a professional for prompt humane animal friendly wildlife removal and exclusion work. Attempting to remove wildlife can be dangerous for the animal and also the homeowner.